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  • The care I have received allowed me to do the things I enjoy free of pain“Dr. Palank is friendly and very thorough. The treatments I have received are the most comprehensive of any chiropractor I have seen
    — John of Bethlehem
  • The care I have received has most definitely improved my life of recent. I have been a headache sufferer most of my adult life…but have enjoyed a significant change of this headache pattern through the course of the treatments that I have received
    — Doug of Hellertown
  • I am able to be a part of my family and live my life again. My pain was unbearable, at times, and prevented me from doing common daily activities. I often avoided my children’s extracurricular and school functions due to pain. Now, my quality of life has improved greatly. I no longer have a negative outlook on life
    — Jennifer of Hellertown
  • I have a herniation of L4-5 and have lived in pain for years. This made daily activities very painful or non-existent in some cases. Since I have been under Dr. Palank’s care I am able to do all my daily activities again with little to no pain. I have also started working out again, which would not have been possible before the treatment Dr. Palank has provided
    — Joe of Hellertown
  • I suffered for almost two years with vertigo, nausea, pain in my middle back, and panic attacks. I tried physical therapy for the vertigo and back pain only to have it come back. I was on meds for the panic attacks. Thanks to Dr. Palank I can say that all of it has gone away
    — Helen of Hellertown
  • I’ve always felt such weight resting on my shoulders, which radiated from my neck down to my low back. Since coming to Dr. Palank regularly, my pain is nearly gone. I don’t have to move around as often to find a comfortable position while sitting or lying down. I’ve been able to resume my daily routine with no pain! I’m very happy to have learned the cause of the discomfort
    — Tara of Bethlehem


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