What we do depends on what hurts YOU.

We offer a variety of treatment options allowing us to customize each treatment plan for quick, long lasting results.


Examination and Diagnosis

With a thorough history and a complete exam including range of motion testing, orthopedic testing, neurological testing, repeated movement testing, muscle testing, and palpation we aim to discover the source of your problems. If we can effectively treat the problems we find, we will put together a treatment plan. If your problem needs special testing before treatment or if your condition is best suited for another provider, we will make the appropriate referral.


Chiropractic Adjustment for Back Pain.jpeg

Spinal manipulation

Also known as an adjustment. These quick, gentle moves introduce movement into joints that are currently stiff and restricted. This helps to loosen up the joints and decrease your pain through neural responses.


soft tissue manipulation

Chiropractic Active Release Technique for Pain.png

You may know this by popular names such as Graston or Active Release Technique. We have a variety of ways to address many problems caused by muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Sometimes this is done with a tool, other times it is done hands on.



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Therapeutic Exercise

Whether your are training for a marathon, a weekend warrior, or an avid gamer, getting you back to the activities you enjoy most should always be the goal. Using specific exercises, we are able to decrease your pain, optimize your movement patterns,                                                                 and prevent future occurrences of your pain.


Mckenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)

Is a powerful system that uses a progression of movements and forces to determine the cause of your pain and to help with their resolution. This can be an effective treatment for the spine as well as the extremities. 


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Kinesiology Tape

This stretchy tape is carefully applied to the body and decompresses the layers of skin, fascia, and muscle. This helps to decrease pain and optimize your movement.


Nerve Flossing

Nerves may become irritated when they adhere to adjacent structures like muscles or fascia, or when they are squeezed through small anatomical spaces. Nerve flossing uses body movements to glide the nerve back and forth, freeing it from where it is stuck. This helps to relieve pain, return strength, and regain sensation.


Flexion-Distraction Therapy

Chiropractic Flexion Distraction for back pain.jpeg

This is a gentle technique that increases the space within the discs and joints of the low back. It can be an effective treatment for some low back pain, especially if there are degenerated and compressed discs.


Postural Training

How you sit at work, how you hold your phone, any position you hold for an extended period can cause problems. We teach you how to minimize posture issues through exercise, personalized tweaks, and the use of some postural aids.