First Visit


Initial paperwork

Completion of brief intake forms.



Here we discuss what problems you are experiencing and what you hope to achieve throughout the course of treatment. You will be asked more specific questions so we can better understand the issues you are facing. 



You will undergo various orthopedic, neurological, range of motion, muscle, and movement testing to determine the cause of your symptoms. We will then discuss how we can help and approximately how long it will take to achieve the results you desire.



If you are ready for treatment, we can usually start on day one. We will use various treatment methods to quickly get you on the road to recovery.


Follow-up Visits

We will discuss your response to the previous treatment. A brief re-examamination may be performed to evaluate progress. Based upon results and feedback, we may modify the treatment plan.


Becoming A Patient

Becoming a patient is the first step in eliminating your pain and regaining control of your life. Any time, day or night, our reception staff is available via phone to aid in appointment scheduling. You can also click here to schedule your own appointment now.